Monday, July 4, 2011

My week in pictures . . . confetti cake cookies, muffins and jams, fascinators

Hello. I hope you're enjoying your summer- I just realized I can't use an exclamation point on this keyboard anymore :( I love exclamation points- what am I going to do? Luckily this is more of a picture blog today- My last week in pictures :)

L and I made these wonderful cookies: Confetti cake cookies. I can't remember exactly how to make them- it's on the side of a confetti cake box. You mix, roll into balls and then flatten with the bottom of a glass (we used a shot glass) dipped in sugfar. Cook for like ten minutes, slightly cool and then ice. L choose yellow. They were super soft, super yummy, super easy, and super cheap (insert exclamation point here.) He loved them (take note of tiny spot of icing beside his mouth- haha)

We took a drive one night and the sky went from this:

to this:

to this: It was absolutely beautiful, especially considering it looked like it was going to really really storm for a while.

I've cooking with berries a lot in the past few weeks. I made blackberry ice cream for Father's day, (it was okay- a little too soft) blackberry muffins (delicious) and blackberry and strawberry jams. (cook your berries down with sugar and the juice from one lemon- delicious)

Saturday was the bridal shower of Amber, one of my oldest friends. The theme was "glamtastic" and we were all supposed to wear a hat and heels. I chose to wear a fascinator. It was awesome.
Why is that only a British thing? *sigh*

Okay I'm off to enjoy my 4th of July- last night we went to the lake and watched the fireworks- they were so amazing (much better than they will be tonight- I'm pretty sure the firefighters put on the show here so you can imagine the difference between pros and not) Hope everyone enjoys their holiday :)

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Emily said...

I love your fascinator!

The cookies sounds delicious. I love confetti cake!